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Terms and conditions

1.1. These Terms of Use (hereinafter - the Terms) determine (1) the procedure for using the lvsystems.lv website and (2) the legal relationship between the Buyer and the Seller.
1.2. SIA “LV Systems”, unified registration number 50103777341, legal address: Riga, Margrietas7, LV-1046, Latvia, tel. number: 25400732 (hereinafter - the Seller), provides the content available on lvsystems.lv and provides services in accordance with these Terms.
1.3. For the purposes of these Terms, the Buyer is an able-bodied natural person who purchases lvsystems.lv or uses other lvsystems.lv services, or a legal person. These Terms are binding on each Buyer, regardless of whether the Buyer creates his user account on the website.
1.4. The right to shop at lvsystems.lv is available to able-bodied individuals, i. persons who have reached the age of majority and whose legal capacity is not restricted by a court and legal persons.
1.5. If the buyer wants to conclude a cooperation agreement with SIA 'LV Systems', in order to receive additional discounts on purchases and special offers, contact one of our managers or write to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1.5.1 If the Buyer orders the goods and services offered by the website lvsystems.lv and uses other services of lvsystems.lv, it is considered that the Buyer has read and unreservedly agrees with the terms of LV Systems SIA and undertakes to comply with them.
1.5.2 When the Buyer places an order on lvsystems.lv and has received a confirmation from the Seller regarding the availability of the orders placed by e-mail or telephone. The order and the acknowledgment of receipt shall be deemed to have been received when they can be accessed by the person to whom they are addressed. The seller sends an invoice or enters into a contract. The transaction is valid until its execution, i. until the order is paid and the goods are delivered. The agreement applies to all orders and purchases made in the Internet store lvsystems.lv and applies to those orders and purchases made by SIA “LV Systems” without using the website lvsystems.lv.
1.6. The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally change and supplement the Terms at any time without notice by publishing them on the lvsystems.lv website, but notifying about the placement of a new publication of the Terms on the website at the customer's registered e-mail address. The Buyer is subject to the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of ordering goods and services. Before making each purchase, the Buyer is obliged to get acquainted with the lvsystems.lv Terms, moreover, the Buyer has the opportunity to save them on a permanent information carrier or print them out.
1.7. The Buyer is not entitled to use the services of the Internet store lvsystems.lv if he has not read the Terms or does not agree with them.
1.8. If the Buyer does not comply with the Terms, the Seller has the right to cancel or restrict the Buyer's access to lvsystems.lv.
1.9. The seller has the right to temporarily restrict access to lvsystems.lv or suspend operation. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS AND PRICES
2.1. The prices of goods and services on lvsystems.lv are indicated in Euros, including value added tax (VAT). The price of the goods does not include the cost of delivery of the goods.
2.2. The seller reserves the right to unilaterally change the assortment of goods, prices, set a special price for goods and services at any time without notice. Goods and services are sold at the prices valid at the time of ordering the goods and services. Goods balances are of informative nature, their renewal takes place periodically.
2.3. The seller reserves the right to unilaterally change the product specifications at any time without notice. Product descriptions use information and images provided by manufacturers.
2.4. The products shown in the images of lvsystems.lv may differ from the actual properties of the products in terms of their color, size, shape or other parameters. The images are for information only. If the information about the goods and services of lvsystems.lv does not match the information provided by SIA “LV Systems”, it is considered that the information provided by SIA “LV Systems” is correct.
3.1. To purchase goods in the online store lvsystems.lv, the following steps must be performed:
3.1.1. select an item (or items) by adding it to the 'Shopping Cart',
3.1.2. after placing all selected goods in the 'Shopping Cart' and place an order;
3.1.3. After filling in all the necessary data fields and confirming the order, your order will be processed and you will be contacted by an employee of SIA “LV Systems” to specify the details of the order, if necessary. This will send you an invoice to the e-mail address you provided.
3.2. After full payment of the invoice, your order will be fulfilled.

3.3. The Seller has the right to refuse to sell the goods ordered by lvsystems.lv, informing the Buyer if:
3.3.1. the product is not available in the Seller's warehouse at all, or is not available in quantity, according to the order;
3.3.2. the price and parameters of the product do not correspond to the actual information about the product, due to a technical error in the system.
3.3.3. The buyer is not acquainted with the lvsystems.lv Terms.
3.4. The order is considered binding on the Buyer and the Seller at the moment when the Buyer has placed the order and has received its confirmation from the Seller by e-mail. The order and the acknowledgment of receipt shall be deemed to have been received when the person to whom they are addressed has access to them.
3.5. The buyer is obliged to check the information and data specified in the order. In case of discrepancy of information and / or data, the Buyer informs the Seller using the customer service e-mail address of SIA “LV Systems”: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Buyer can save the order and its receipt on a permanent medium or print it. DELIVERY OF GOODS (RECEIPT)
4.1. The buyer receives the goods ordered from lvsystems.lv SIA “LV Systems”. Or the Seller delivers the goods to the delivery address indicated in the Buyer's order, if it was negotiated at the time of placing the order and payment for delivery has been made. If the product is not available in the seller's warehouse, the parties agree on a delivery time. Before paying for the order, the Seller informs the Buyer about the availability of the product. The buyer pays for the order only if he agrees to the delivery terms of the goods.
4.2. Not later than within 3 (three) working days thereafter, the availability of the goods for the goods specified in the Buyer's order has been confirmed and payment for delivery has been received in full in the Seller's account, the Seller prepares the goods for delivery to the Customer and notifies the courier.
4.3. Receipt of the product is possible only if the order is fully paid.
4.4. Before receiving the goods in the warehouse of SIA “LV Systems”, the Buyer must present an identity document - passport or ID card, or driver's license, as well as the order number or order confirmation. The goods are issued only to the Buyer, whose data is indicated in the respective goods order. If the Buyer does not present the order number or order confirmation, or an identity document, the Seller has the right not to deliver the goods.
4.5. The buyer receives the goods in the store of SIA “LV Systems” within 14 (fourteen) days, unless otherwise provided by regulatory enactments. The term for receipt of the goods is counted from the day when the notice of receipt of the goods is sent to the Buyer's e-mail address, or from the day when such notice is sent by SMS.
4.6. If the Buyer does not receive the product 4.5. within the term specified in paragraph, it is considered that the Buyer has violated the terms. In this case, the Seller has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the Agreement and demand that the Buyer reimburse the Seller for additional expenses incurred by the Seller in connection with the goods (for example: expenses related to the storage of the goods, etc.). The Seller refunds the amount paid to the Buyer for the goods, deducting the additional expenses incurred by the Seller.
4.7. The goods are handed over to the Buyer in accordance with the bill of lading signed by the Buyer and the Seller's representative. The order is considered fulfilled by receiving the goods and signing the mentioned documents. The Seller informs the Buyer about the execution of the order by sending a notification using the Buyer's e-mail address or sending an SMS.CANCELLATION AND CHANGES IN THE ORDER
5.1. In order to cancel the order or make changes to the order, the Buyer must contact SIA “LV Systems” customer service using e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6.1. The Buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal and within 14 (fourteen) days unilaterally withdraw from the goods purchased in the Internet store lvsystems.lv and return it to the Seller. The number of periods for exercising the right of withdrawal (1) from the day when the Buyer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Buyer has acquired possession of the goods; (2). The right of withdrawal applies only to orders through the portal lvsystems.lv.
6.2. The Buyer must inform the Seller of the decision to withdraw from the Agreement before the expiry of the withdrawal period using:
6.2.1. any unambiguous notice of the decision to withdraw from the Contract, where the Buyer indicates the following information:
6.3.1. the date of placing the order;
6.3.2. the date when the goods were acquired in possession;
6.3.3. Buyer's name and surname;
6.3.4. the exact name of the product.

  1. 3.5. Uzrāda maksājuma apliecinošus dokumentus
  2. 4. Pircējs nodod preci atpakaļ Pārdevējam bez nepamatotas kavēšanās, bet ne vēlāk kā 14 (četrpadsmit) dienu laikā pēc tam, kad nosūtījis Pārdevējam atteikuma veidlapu vai paziņojumu par atteikuma tiesību izmantošanu. Termiņš ir ievērots, ja prece nodota atpakaļ pirms 14 (četrpadsmit) dienu termiņa beigām.
  3. 5. Pārdevējs bez nepamatotas kavēšanās, bet ne vēlāk kā 14 (četrpadsmit) dienu laikā no dienas, kad saņēmis Pircēja paziņojumu par lēmumu atkāpties no Līguma, atmaksā Pircējam viņa samaksāto naudas summu. Pārdevējs minēto naudas summu atmaksā, izmantojot tāda paša veida maksāšanas līdzekli, kādu izmantoja Pircējs, izņemot gadījumus, kad Pircējs un Pārdevējs ir vienojušies citādi.
  4. 6. Pārdevējs ir tiesīgs aizturēt Pircēja samaksātās naudas summas atmaksu līdz brīdim, kad Pārdevējs ir saņēmis preci vai Pircējs iesniedzis Pārdevējam apliecinājumu par to, ka prece ir nosūtīta atpakaļ.
  5. 7. Ja Pircējs ir skaidri izteicis vēlēšanos izmantot piegādes veidu, kas nav Pārdevēja piedāvātais lētākais standarta piegādes veids, Pārdevējam nav pienākuma atmaksāt Pircējam piegādes papildu izdevumus.
  6. 8. Pircēja tiešos izdevumus, kas saistīti ar preces atgriešanu, sedz Pircējs.
  7. 9. Pircējs preci nodod tās oriģinālajā iepakojumā, tādā pašā komplektācijā, kādā tā tika saņemta, kopā ar preces pavaddokumentiem – garantijas talonu (ja tāds tika izsniegts), lietošanas instrukciju un citiem ar preci saistītajiem dokumentiem un detaļām.6.10. Atteikuma tiesības nepiemēro:
  8. 10.1. tādu preču piegādei, kas izgatavotas pēc Pircēja specifikācijām vai ir nepārprotami personalizētas;
  9. 10.2. tādu preču piegādei, kuras var ātri sabojāties vai kurām drīz beidzas derīguma termiņš;
  10. 10.3. tādu aizzīmogotu preču piegādei, kuras nav piemērotas atdošanai atpakaļ veselības aizsardzības vai higiēnas apsvērumu dēļ un kuras pēc piegādes ir atvērtas;
  11. 10.4. tādu preču piegādei, kas pēc piegādes sava veida dēļ ir neatgriezeniski sajaukušās ar citām lietām;
  12. 10.5. tādu preču piegādei vai pakalpojumiem, kuru cena ir atkarīga no svārstībām finanšu tirgū, ko Pārdevējs nevar kontrolēt un kas var rasties atteikuma termiņā;
  13. 10.6. pakalpojumu līgumiem pēc tam, kad pakalpojums ir sniegts pilnībā, ja izpilde ir sākusies ar Pircēja iepriekš skaidri paustu piekrišanu un ar apliecinājumu, ka viņš zaudēs atteikuma tiesības, tiklīdz Pārdevējs būs Līgumu izpildījis pilnībā;
  14. 10.7. citos gadījumos, kas paredzēti spēkā esošajos normatīvajos aktos.GARANTIJA
  15. 1. lvsystems.lv piedāvātajām precēm, ja tas norādīts preces pavaddokumentos, tiek nodrošināta ražotāja garantija. Garantijas termiņš ir vismaz 2 (divi) gadi privātpersonām, taču ražotājs var noteikt arī īsāku vai garāku garantijas termiņu.
  16. 2. Ražotāja garantija ir spēkā, ja tiek uzrādīts:
  17. 2.1. pirkumu apliecinošs dokuments.
  18. 3. Lai saņemtu ražotāja garantijas pakalpojumu, Pircējam nepieciešams nogādāt preci:
  19. 3.1. SIA “LV Systems” birojā un jāaizpilda remonta pieteikuma veidlapa.
  20. 4. Izdevumus, kas saistīti ar preces transportēšanu, sedz Pircējs.
  21. 5. Garantija ir saistoša tās devējam (ražotājam) atbilstoši garantijas dokumenta nosacījumiem.
  22. 6. Ražotāja garantijas nosacījumi neattiecas uz aksesuāriem, izejmateriāliem, barošanas elementiem un precēm ar ierobežotu resursu.
  23. 7. Ražotāja garantija nav spēkā, ja preces bojājumi radušies Pircēja vainas dēļ.PRETENZIJAS PAR LĪGUMA NOTEIKUMIEM NEATBILSTOŠO PRECI VAI PAKALPOJUMU
  24. 1. Neatkarīgi no ražotāja sniegtās garantijas, ja Pircējs ir fiziskā persona Patērētāju tiesību likuma izpratnē, Pircējs ir tiesīgs pieteikt prasījumu Pārdevējam par preces neatbilstību līguma noteikumiem 2 (divu) gadu laikā no preces iegādes vai pakalpojuma saņemšanas dienas. Pircējs iesniedz prasījuma pieteikumu Pārdevējam 2 (divu) mēnešu laikā no dienas, kad atklājis preces vai pakalpojuma neatbilstību līguma noteikumiem. Kārtību, kādā piesakāms un izskatāms prasījums par līguma noteikumiem neatbilstošu preci vai pakalpojumu, regulē 01.08.2006. Ministru kabineta noteikumi Nr.631 (turpmāk – Noteikumi Nr.631) https://likumi.lv/doc.php?id=141276
  25. 2. Gadījumos, kad prece Pircējam neder pēc izmēra, krāsas, formas vai citu tamlīdzīgu iemeslu dēļ, bet tā ir līguma noteikumiem atbilstoša, Pircējs nevar pieprasīt preci apmainīt pret citu preci. Tāpat kā preces apmaiņu, Pircējs nevar pieprasīt naudas atmaksāšanu, ja prece ir bez defektiem un bojājumiem, bet vienkārši nepatīk vai nav vajadzīga.



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